9 Benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your house

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April 15, 2021

9 Benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your house

9 Benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your house

Why you should install a ceiling fan?CMC electrical and communication installing a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are making a major comeback in homes today. They come in many sizes and finishes, so you can find the perfect fan for your house.

Ceiling fans are made to make you feel more comfortable with its wind chill effect. Although fans create wind, they do not cool down a room but cool down people. They are considered one of the most effective types of fans, used to circulate the air in a room. Using a fan with air conditioning can allow you to increase the temperature without affecting your comfort.

Here are 9 benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your house.

9 Benefits of a fan in your house:

#1. Proven to cool people down

Although ceiling fans cannot bring the room temperature down, it uses the air to cool you down. A fan is used to cool down a person, not to cool a room. In saying that, the breeze created from the fan cools you down once it hits your skin.

#2. Energy Efficient

Ceiling fans are also energy efficient and can cost less than you think to run. On average a fan cost you less than 50 cents to run for the day.

The cost of a ceiling fan will cost around 3 cents an hour to run, compared to a whopping 25 to 70 cents for an air conditioner.CMC Benefits of installing a ceiling fan


#3. Can be used in winter

I am sure most people think that fans are used to only cool down, but did you know it can also be used in winter? Many ceiling fans today have a reversible option, meaning that they can warm the air from the flick of a switch.

#4. They are cheap

A ceiling fan can come at a fraction of the cost of an aircon. This added cost saving can help you decide if you want to install an aircon, however, you can also have both.

#5. Can work in conjunction with air conditioning

Although a fan is used for cooling (or heating), it can also be used together with your aircon. With the extra capacity of your fan, you can keep your aircon temperature much higher without having an impact on your comfort.

#6. Can include a light

Most fans these days include light as part of the system. A fan can have a dual purpose of providing illumination and keeping you cool. Of course, you can get fans without light, however, you do have the light option available.

#7. You can install it outsideCMC installing a ceiling fan style

Installing an outside ceiling fan can also be of benefit to you. An outside fan can make your outdoor area more comfortable and enjoyable. The added flow will make you want to have more outdoor gatherings.

#8. Can add style to a room

Styling can be a big factor in installing a Ceiling fan. These days they are already made to be decorative in nature which can add style to the room or outdoor area. Ceiling fans come in various sizes, designs and styles, meaning that there’s a fan for any home.

#9. Easy Maintenance

One of the main benefits of ceiling fans is the low cost of maintenance. Often they don’t require too much extra care, check for loose screws every year, clean off the blades and change the light bulbs when they fail. Another benefit is that with the additional flow of air, it can also prevent dirt and dust from collecting on your floors and furniture.


In conclusion, a ceiling fan could be a worthwhile investment for your household. It is important to know that a ceiling fan is used to cool down people and not a room. There are several reasons why ceiling fans are useful, from being power efficient to being used as a styling decoration.


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