4 benefits of electrical switchboard maintenance for your business

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4 benefits of electrical switchboard maintenance for your business

4 benefits of electrical switchboard maintenance for your business

Why you should consider Switchboard Maintenance

When it comes to switchboard maintenance, the best cure is prevention.

Whether you have just upgraded your system or you have an older switchboard, regular maintenance is recommended. It is essential to keep it cleaned, inspect circuit breakers, check the insulation, and replace all necessary parts to keep your switchboard up to Australian standards.switchgear- switchboard maintenance

Your electrical switchboard is the heart of your electrical needs, so it is important to make sure your business or home don’t experience any downtime.

Neglecting regular maintenance could lead to numerous problems such as:

  • Power interruptions from Circuit breakers or RCDs resulting in false positives.
  • Safety hazards and equipment damage from Circuit breakers or RCDs not tripping.
  • Excess wiring problems and heat can lead to fires, or in some cases explosions.

You may think that the cost of switchboard maintenance may not be worth it but the problems that could arise could cost you much more.

4 Benefits of Switchboard Maintenance

Switchboards are not immune to regular wear and tear. Some factors and conditions can also speed up this process. Your switchboard must be maintained so that your system continues to distribute power efficiently.

Here are the main 4 benefits of maintaining your switchboard:

#1. Safety

The most important reason for switchboard maintenance is safety. No matter the age of the switchboard, it needs to be routinely inspected and tested for the safety of your premises. Without regular inspection, you may be risking electrocution, fires and even explosions.

#2. Increased Lifespan of the Switchboard

As switchboards age, regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your switchboard.

Maintenance can also translate to fewer future replacements. If you want to make the most of your power system, switchboard maintenance is the way to go.

Switchboard upgrade

#3. Reduced Unexpected Equipment Failures

If there is a problem with your power system, you also risk your equipment being damaged or destroyed. Unexpected surges and outages can be annoying, but a maintained switchboard will be able to deal with any problems. Sticking with a regular schedule will make sure to reduce the chances of equipment failing from surges.

#4. Reduced Costs

Switchboard maintenance adds another expense to your business or home, but it can help you save thousands of dollars in the future. The future savings that you could achieve with maintenance far outweigh the added cost. It will also provide you with confidence that your system is maintained with a reduced chance of surprises.


What is involved in switchboard maintenanceWhat is involved in switchboard maintenance?

Switchboard maintenance is a great way to know that your running at optimal performance. Regular tests and checks that could take place are:

  • Checks for burnt-out cables or loose connections.
  • Confirming that the correct circuit breakers and other supporting equipment are being used.
  • Cleaning out the switchboard chassis and making sure that there are no dust hazards.
  • Checking that the correct protective covers and locks are being used and working.
  • Checking that load balancing across 3 phase power is correct and confirming insulation is with no visible signs of wear.
  • Checks for the condition of conductors and wiring that needs to be replaced.
  • Testing weather seals and gaskets on your switchboard.
  • Making sure panels are secure and dry.

In most cases, your insurance policy will outline certain electrical inspections to be utilised.

A common test that is often required is the use of a Thermal Image Scan. Thermal Image Scans will confirm the compliance and safety of your switchboard. Electrical inspections can also reduce your insurance premiums.


In conclusion, switchboard maintenance will increase safety, lifespan and also reduce future costs. It is recommended to perform these inspections at least once a year. It will ensure that your switchboard is up to Australian Standards and running at optimal performance. 

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