Emergency Electricians Brisbane

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Emergency Electricians Brisbane

CMC Electrical 24h emergency electricians

We’ve all been told from an early age that electricity is seriously dangerous. So there’s perhaps nothing more worrying than the smell of burning, or a sparking light socket in your home or office.

We are 24 Hr Emergency Electricians Brisbane

Have you lost power in your home? 

Often, a power outage affects more than just your household. 

A few common reasons include:

1. Overloaded Power Boards.

The current limit in your household can be exceeded if you plug in more appliances than your power board can take.  Overloaded power boards are one of the most common causes of tripped circuits. If circuit breakers or fuses fail, overloaded power boards can cause fires and other damage to your home so immediate attention is required.

2. Tripped Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Tied to overloading power boards, a breaker ‘trip,’ occurs when too many appliances or light fixtures are turned on at the same time causing the circuit breaker’s internal sensing mechanism to heat up. This break in the circuit causes power loss.

storms can cause of electric power outage3. Nature

If there is a storm in your area, there is a good chance you will lose power at some point. Lightning can generate currents strong enough to trip breakers or blow transformers on nearby power lines. However, trees or branches falling on power lines, breaking the circuit, are the most common cause of power outages during a storm.

During a storm, do not go outside and investigate your fuse box because the outage is beyond your control.

4. Interference by Animals

Another cause of power outages in your home can be traced back to wildlife.
Rats and other vermin may eat away at your home’s electrical infrastructure. Another common cause of power outages is when animals come into contact with power lines. In Queensland, bats are a common culprit, as they tend to hang upside down from one line and if they touch another line they can create a power outage.

5. Accidents

Any damage to power lines can cause an outage. This also includes traffic accidents. In these cases, safety switches are life-saving devices that work under the radar to protect you and your family from dire electrical damage.

So now that you know how they are caused, what can you do about it?

First of all, Do NOT do it yourself.

Electricity is powerful and electrical accidents can be fatal. Do the right thing and allow our licensed professionals to take care of all your electrical concerns.

Doing your own electrical work unlicensed is breaking the law. You could also jeopardise your insurance, start a fire or seriously hurt yourself and others.

Save the day by letting us take care of this one.

Need An Electrician Now?

We are available 24/7! Electrical accidents are never planned and to ensure your safety, it is important to act fast. Our team is available around the clock to give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At CMC Electrical  we have certified & insured electricians

When your business needs a reliable commercial electrician, you can’t take any risks. Get an experienced electrician with the qualifications and equipment to get the job done right.

Our electricians are fully certified to ensure that you always have professional service. We follow all Australian safety standards to provide complete home protection against any accident caused by faulty electrical installations or wiring.

What can our Emergency Electricians do?

Call us when you have

  • Power outages – Power outages can occur as a result of an electrical fault in your home like over boarding or damage to power lines.
  • Smoke alarm defects – smoke alarms are a critical appliance used to warn you of fires and harmful gases that may be in your home. Fixing these when defects are first spotted could save your life.
  • Blown fuses – Fuses are usually said to have ‘blown,’ when it has melted or overheated. This often causes a power outage because it breaks the circuit of electricity throughout your home
  • Switchboard malfunctions – Switchboards distribute electricity to the home safely by dividing the main power into smaller components. A telltale sight of a faulty switchboard includes buzzing, humming or smoking.
  • Faulty wiring – faulty wiring can quickly damage your home and pose a safety hazard if not attended the right away. Make sure to call one of our professionals urgently to avoid fires, smoke or burning smells in your house from faulty wiring.
  • Flood and storm damage – floods and storms are common culprits to electrical issues. These problems can result in electrical malfunction and electrocution which poses a major safety concern.


Don’t be left in the dark if your power or lights go out unexpectedly. Our 24/7 Emergency Electricians are dedicated to providing support when you need it the most. At CMC Electrical and Communication, our licensed residential and commercial electricians are experienced and reliable so you can be sure that your problem will be fixed in no time.