What is a safety switch?

A safety switch is a safety device installed in your powerbox that monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit to detect any problems that could harm humans. Once an electricity power leak is detected, it trips the safety switch in 30 milliseconds to prevent electric shock.

It has been mandatory in new homes since the 1990s, with regulations requiring at least one circuit to have a Safety switch. Many older homes do not have safety switches on their circuits which means there is a high risk for electrical accidents.

CMC Electrical has the experience and knowledge to install, upgrade, or repair safety switches. Contact us if you have any safety switch problems or are unsure if you have this safety device in your home.

Our Safety Switch services:

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Whats the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch?

Many people still think that safety switches and circuit breakers are the same. The main difference is that safety switches save human lives, and circuit breakers protect appliances and circuits.

There are circuit breakers that come integrated with safety switch features, but many homes still only use separate safety switches.

Testing your safety switch

We encourage homeowners, residents and tenants to regularly test their safety switch to ensure it is working as it should. The CMC team recommends testing every 3 months.

  • Step 1 - Find your safety switch and press the TEST or 'T' button - this should cause the switch to trip and cut electricity to the circuit.
  • Step 2 - Turn the safety switch to the ON position to restore the power to the circuit.

If your switch won't reset, you can switch off and unplug all the appliances, and electrical equipment. Try Step 2 again. If your safety switch fails to reset, immediately contact a licenced electrician for testing and repairs.

Important Note - By law, only one safety switch is required to be installed in new homes. A safety switch will only protect the circuit it is installed on, meaning not all your powerpoints will prevent electric shocks.

To fully protect your family from electric shocks, an electrician must install a safety switch on every circuit. Get in contact if you wish to discuss possible solutions for your home.

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  • We had multiple fans and electrical outlets replaced, a chandelier installed and new power points installed by Ciaran. Great communication and very efficient, would definitely recommend. - Taylor Connolly
  • I have used Ciaran and his team from CMC electrical a number of times now for my electrical needs and installations. Each time they have communicated clearly and concisely in a friendly, prompt, professional manner. I highly recommend CMC. - Mel Lyons
  • Contacted CMC late Friday afternoon to move a telephone connection point from the lounge room across the house and into our office for the NBN. Ciaran came out the following Monday morning and sorted it all out. Fast service and a great guy, I would recommend this business - Trent Joseph
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  • Ciaran came out to look at light and fan switches. Very efficient. I would definitely use him again. - Kathy Stevenson
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  • Ciaran was able to come out only a few hours after I called him and install some plug sockets and repair one. He was friendly and efficient and I will use him again. - Abigail Robinson
  • I live in a Redlands complex where late Friday evening, we became aware that our external complex lighting was out and not working - this created a safety issue for residents and their guests. As a Body Corporate, we were obviously concerned regarding safety issues ie potential falls, safety and security. We contacted CMC Electrical & Communications early Saturday morning as a matter of urgency. Ciaran and his team were on site within an hour of contact. They sourced the problem and repaired it immediately. Ciaran was very clear and informative in what was needed to be repaired and spoke freely with Complex Committee members. I would highly recommend CMC Electrical & Communications. Ciaran and his team provide a fast, efficient and very informative service explaining clearly and professionally what had happened and what was required to fix the issue. - Kathy Casey

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